Farooq Abdullah Detained Under PSA, Spends His First Day after Official Detention Peacefully

Srinagar: Farooq Abdullah Detained Under PSA

A long time ago, Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah’s father, had pushed forward an act that would protect the state of Jammu and Kashmir from the timber smugglers. During that time, it was common for the smugglers to get away easily with minimum detention. The Act was called the Public Safety Act (PSA).

Decades later, it turns out that his son, Farooq Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of the state and the five-time parliament member, was detained under the same act.

About the PSA Act

Under the PSA Act of Jammu and Kashmir, it allows the authorities to detain a person for several months without a trial. The act has two sections, ‘public order’ and ‘threat to the security of the state,’ the terms for detention are different for the two.

For those who are being held under “public order” they can be held for anywhere between three to six months, and two years for those who are a threat to the security of the state. Furthermore, the administration of the state is required to constitute a committee to deliver the same. Back in August, the former chief minister had expressed his unhappiness over various issues. Furthermore, he was booked under the PSA Act and his residence has been covered with a vast amount of security.

How The Former Chief Minister Spent his First Day Under PSA Detention?

The action against the J&K former chief minister was taken on Monday. However, he has been under detention since 5th August, the day when the special status of the state was taken away. Abdullah’s elder daughter paid him a visit during the day, who lives close by.

She was asked to fill out all the formal entries as any other person would have to, formally. Before the action was taken against Abdullah, Safia, the eldest daughter, used to enter the house through a secondary gate, which was not manned by a guard.

This time, she was asked to go in through the main gate, which has been turned into jail by official government order. The former chief minister spent his day walking down the lawn, reading the newspaper and watching the news on television.

Furthermore, his guards are still with him. He is the first chief minister against whom the PSA has been invoked, and has been booked under “public order.”