“Hindi” To Be the National Language, And Owaisi Has Some Things to Say

New Delhi: India is More Than just “Hindi”

Home Minister, Amit Shah, recently appealed to all Indians by calling India a “One Nation, One Language.” He appealed to the nation to make more use of Hindi, the mother language of the country.

Home However, to this appeal, AIMIM chief,Asaduddin Owaisi, does not feel too good. In his opinion, India is more than just “Hindi,”Hindu,” and “Hindutava.” He also took his views to Twitter and tweeted that not every Indian’s mother tongue is Hindi.

Asaduddin Owaisi’s Opinion

To make things clear, the AIMIM chief has expressed his feelings about the whole, “One Nation, One Language” appeal. Saying that not every Indian’s mother tongue is Hindi, he also says that India is a diverse country and we should all take a moment to appreciate that.

In his own words, he asks, “Could you try appreciating the diversity & beauty of the many mother tongues that dot this land?” He even supported his opinions by bringing in Article 29 and what it states.

Article 29 of the Indian Constitution the right to a distinct language, script,and culture.Owaisi even used the social media platform, Twitter, to define Article 29.

Amit Shah’s Opinions

On the other hand, Amit Shah, took on to Twitter to appeal to people of India to make use of Hindi more often. He also added that to realize the dreams of Mahatma Gandhi and Mr. Patel, on the “Hindi Diwas” people should make use of Hindi often.

He also tweeted about how every language in the country is important and beautiful in its own way. However, by speaking one language, India will create an identity for itself, and that is what he wants! Furthermore, he believes that speaking the same language will bring unity.

The country’s Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi as the official language of India and this day is celebrated every year on September 14.