Trump’s Participation in “Howdy Modi” Confirmed by The White House

Washington: Trump Confirms his Participation for “Howdy Modi” Rally

PM Modi is all set to go ahead with his rally in the US, Howdy Modi, on 22nd September 2019. Washington has recently confirmed that the US president, Donald Trump will participate in the rally with PM Modi as well.

This joint participation of the US president and the Indian prime minister is an unusual sight, and since it hasn’t happened before, this rally will be important. The rally will shed light on how the US and the Indian relations are tied together.

White House’s Announcement Regarding the “Howdy Modi” Rally

The White House confirmed Trump’s participation in the rally with an announcement. The announcement also stated that tens and thousands of people are expected to show up for the ‘Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures’ rally.

Furthermore, the White House also feels that this rally will allow the people of the two of the oldest and biggest democracies in the world to create a strategic partnership. Further, the White House added that this rally could also help with discussions and deepen these two countries’ energy and trade relationships.

What Followed?

Once it was confirmed that President Trump was joining the rally, PM Modi officially thanked President Trump on Twitter for his participation. He also mentioned POTUS in one of the Tweets and added his thanks! ( )

After Trump’s participation in the rally, he would then move to Wapakoneta, Ohio, where he’d meet up with the Australian PM, Scott Morrison. The two will take a tour of an all-new manufacturing unit of an Australian manufacturing unit. The White House had stated that Trump’s presence at the rally and with the Australian PM is aimed at underscoring the relationship with both of the countries.

Modi and the rally

Modi’s rally in Houston, Texas, will be the third of its kind after a public meeting in New York at the Madison Square Gardens, New York in 2014 and in Silicon Valley in 2017. Furthermore, this rally is expected to surpass all the other rallies held by other foreign leaders on US soil.

Furthermore, the organizers of the event, which is to be held in NRG Stadium with a capacity of 50,000, say that the tickets have already been sold out. A crowd this large is only seen at sporting events.